One area of work at which are particularly adept is custom made solutions to your individual photographic needs. Using our machining room we are often able to replicate obsolete parts or even create unique fittings and accessories. For example, one skydiving customer required a tongue operated remote shutter release so that he could take pictures from his helmet camera whilst controling his parachute. We were able to design and fabricate this for him.

Another customer wanted to use a 21mm wide-angle lens automatically (and reversed) for macro photography when he was traveling through the Himalayas. Bellows were not an option, so we designed and constructed a fitting to operate the lens in a compact manner. We have also constructed underwater mountings, tackled other unusual requirements, and are able to supply special adapter rings and mounts for using non-standard lenses on camera bodies ie M42 to Pentax K, or M39 to Leica M.

So if you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, get in contact with us and we will be happy to try and help.